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I grabbed the soap and rubbed it all over every inch of his body. I nodded to him and said hey. Eventually he came over to the shower right next to me. My freshman year in college though, by far, exceeds almost any other year of insane stories. We all shared a community bathroom with six showers and five or six toilets hard to remember after all this time ha. He had a swimmer's build with wide shoulders that tapered down to a 30 inch waist. I smiled at him too.

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Uh oh the janitor has found you.

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College Freshman part 1

Feb 20, 3: TAGS shower all tags. Aidenz said Every once in a while when i'm in the locker rooms at my gym I get checked out quite a bit, and a few times have hooked up. Posted by a hidden member. I quickly undressed, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the showers. I go ahead and take a quick shower. I feel I'm just now picking up on some of the ques that guys are giving me that they wanna hook up.

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male college shower sex stories
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male college shower sex stories
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