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No, I just get tired of young people who whine about how the world is totally unfair and how they're entitled to special treatment because they're special. I've been going to gyms and public pools in Canada my whole life and showering naked is always completely acceptable. As per tradition, the saunameister comes in on the hour and pours cedar and mint onto the coals, then begins fanning the air. Except for the fact it's a ninja move. It says that it is uncommon to shower completely naked in public showers in the USA. Me, being a shy American, changed in the cramped bathroom on the train. There is absolutely nothing artificial about the nudist lifestyle, except that we are forced to practice it only in our homes and special places created just for us.

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You ever use a sauna or anything before?

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I'd argue it's the norm. I know the showers are communal but are there private cubicles for dressing? I assumed this would be a soft introduction to bare-cheeked baking. So, they waited until I was showered and put the tankini on and then looked the other way whilst they did theirs. In my experience older women will just stand around in their underwear having a conversation but younger women are more modest, so they will stealthy change. Not opposed but fearful?

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naked men and women in the shower
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naked men and women in the shower
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