Asian race terminology politcal correctness mongoloid race

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But we do need to think realistically in terms of the 'phasing out' of such peoples It demands a line be drawn somewhere. Coon divided the species Homo sapiens into five groups: I reiterated my point before in order to make the discussion easier. Of course "oriental" now has a pejorative connotation, and generally "asian" is preferred.

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Using yellow to refer to an Asian person is considered insulting.

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Race Names

You would not be justified in concluding that most colored folk are inherently less intelligent than their lighter-skinned counter-parts. The left blames everything on nurture, the right on nature, both strike me as simplistic but I don't claim to have the answer myself. This gave Filipinos a different status from other Asians in many laws, sometimes to their benefit and sometimes to their detriment. I used to reply "really what color where they" needless to say she didn't appreciate that much. Puerto Rico is a subordinated part of the US. Slavery ended over years ago, too late to use that as an excuse, legal segregation only existed in 17 states and that has been gone for almost half a century.

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asian race terminology politcal correctness mongoloid race
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asian race terminology politcal correctness mongoloid race
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