11 22 gun ranger redhead safe

This may help you make your decision about how fireproof your safe really needs to be. You get a slightly smaller depth to the safe compared to the 24 gun safe. I bought the TS from Costco and within 5 years the spindle was stripped…. This is a huge money saver because, in many cases, shipping is hundreds of dollars. A point locking door with at least one bolt on each side reduces the chance of a bad guy finding a weak spot to pry it open.

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For Sale: RedHead Fireproof Gun Safe (11/22) - Made by Granite Security

The Winchester 24 gun safe packs a lot of great features into a great value safe. This sounds like a versatile safe. Be forewarned, though, you will need to drill through the sheetrock inside to get the complete hole. Because of this, Winchester decided to offer an extended warranty for all of their gun safe locks, which is an additional 9 years. There, they use the latest, cutting-edge robotics for manufacturing their safes. Winchester offers this safe in three different colors. They have doubled their defect warranty from a single year to now 2 years.

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