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Let's just say Jagger makes a decision when it comes to Willow and Sharleen. Back to the Future, maybe soon we will have Repulsor Lift and warp speed. Aug 30, Fanny rated it liked it. Jagger has a dirty mouth when it comes to the bedroom and can I just say how hott his mouth is?! At the end of Dark Passion we learned that Jagger was married to a beautiful woman named Sharleen, who came back from the dead witness protection for 2 years. I hang up the phone. Cannot listen to or follow simple instructions.

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He was my everything and he just broke me, he broke me.

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Dark hole dark desire sex

Or something just as good, attempt to make him realize he wants to choose her by making him insanely jealous! There are few pages of her complaining about Willow's meat being dry and accusing her of having a disorder. Oct 12, Rhonda rated it it was ok. This isn't for the faint hearted, it is not your typical love story, but I do promise it has some seriously hot scenes. But for goodness sake! An egde of your seat 4 stars!!! The consequences are, so did I!

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