Amateur antenna projects

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You can only use the original formula as a starting point. We offer a range of cleaning services to satisfy your needs - visit our site to learn more! Trees that are spaced far enough apart provide ample heights above ground for this antenna. Knife, side cutting pliers, long nose pliers, stripper pliers, drill and proper size drill bits. Loaded with info for new Tech Hams.

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There are frequencies that we use that can cause malfunctions of RC cars, airplanes and robots.

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Antenna Projects

If you own, or have a friend who owns one of the saws, use it to cut the pipes. Wireless is what they called it back then, and still to this day, wire antennas are sending signals out on the airways. Get help with your antennas. Height, length, feedline, balun, and we will talk about a balun laterinsulators, type wire used, or type metal used, what do you want to do with this antenna, how many bands do you want it to perform its work, if you can use the right materials, space to hang one, and the biggest of all downfalls, if you live in a place that has zoning laws, you may have to get permission gag to put up an antenna on your own property! If you use 20 inch Steel will rust easily, even if it is coated in brass or copper.

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amateur antenna projects
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amateur antenna projects
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