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You must log in to post a comment. You do the same. She is telling you, "I understand we are different and I'm putting myself first". Simple methods for convincing a woman to give you oral sex Sex in the car. Is she selfish in bed? Also, she only reaches climax by being fingered.

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No amount of emotional understanding, blackmail, being really nice, pillow-talk, doing the dishes, begging, etc will ever get her to put you in her mouth once she has hit her jackpot -- marriage and children.

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How to get my wife to give me oral sex?

If you do not want to be in the relationship without either oral sex or more sex or better sex or whatever, be direct. How can I make her enjoy sex so that she gets the same pleasure I do? Hopefully some reciprocity will help in that area. If you bought flowers for her once a month for the sake of the relationship, just stop. Recently, I have been spending a lot of And that pisses me off too. I have recently had a hernia operation

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convince wife to do oral sex
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convince wife to do oral sex
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