Erotic tranference and female patients

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According to Zimmerman, 17 although the patient has an absolute conviction and determination in his game of seduction, in his or her inner deep he is afraid the analyst makes some mistakes, as remaining cold, indifferent and distant from the patient's appeals and erotic fantasies; getting disturbed and defensively replacing interpretation by criticisms, accusations, moral lessons and apology to good behavior; the patient can even have repressive actions that include the fear of having the treatment interrupted, use of medication or being referred to other professional; and the real possibility of the therapist getting involved in a sexual intimacy, which would characterize a total perversion of transference and of the psychoanalytical process. The underlying fantasy in the transference erotisation, which would have a defensive function, would be the fantasy of separation and abandonment, which will be an attempt to restore that state of narcissist fusion with the mother. On the basis of his positive response to these therapeutic interventions, after his discharge from the hospital I continued to see him for twice-weekly, insight-oriented, dynamic psychotherapy. Wait, did you know that The erotic transference consists of a quite common process in the clinical practice of professionals that follow either the analytically-oriented psychotherapy or the psychoanalytical orientation, and it comes up as a topic of great theoretical and practical interest.

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Erotized Transference in the Male Patient–Female Therapist Dyad

In fact, long after their training and supervision are done, psychoanalytic therapists meet either in groups or on an individual basis to receive continued supervision and guidance with the patients presenting especially challenging transference problems. Goldberger M, Evans D: In addition to exploring the defensive aspects of erotization, significant attention has been paid to understanding early life relationships as a key factor in the patient's tendency to develop an erotized transference. Even though Freud 10 acknowledged the resistance of transference, he warned therapists not to confound this reaction with true love, and at the same time he warned them against their attempts to repress patients' love. It occurs when the transference begins to include sexual feelings directed to the person of the therapist.

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erotic tranference and female patients
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erotic tranference and female patients
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