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Although she had been in training for about a year and nine months, she was still humiliated at being forced to obey a boy that young. At the same time her body was beginning to look tight and firm. Butt Pig was not looking forward to her new afternoon routine. He removed the mask an peered over at the slave as he finally gasped for air. He walked up to the bedroom holding a baseball bat and before I could even beg for mercy he struck me right in the gut with the wooden thing. After one year of slave training she had very little dignity left and she was accustomed to her daily routine no matter how sickening her tasks were. A small hose led down ending in a hollow dildo positioned below and parallel to a long 12 foot steel rail about three feet off the ground.

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Butt Pig remained there for many days, being fed god-knows- what once a day through the feeding tube and being allowed to pee and poop once a day.

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Sex slave punished by husband

The piss running over her face hid the tears of frustration as the wash basin captured the drops. Im punishing you because you spunked while being fucked by one of my clients slut. The three assholes entered the room with the Master and started to drool at the sight of three slave girls, one black, one asian and a blond white slave locked in stocks with her ass raised in the air. The commercial is over and the game is back on. Butt Pig got into her butt fucking position, her knees spread, head on the ground, back arched and her ass high in the air.

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sex slave punishment stories
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sex slave punishment stories
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