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Jim is the top and Vito is the bottom when the two lovers engage in sexual intercourse. She, like many other "mob wives", is aware of her husband's lifestyle. Svetlana is, arguably, the most if not, only psychologically well-adjusted of all Tony's extramarital sex partners. His father, a French-Canadian Quebec French named Eugene, took him back to Montreal and Janice states that she tried to petition the State Department to have him returned to her. While she is supposedly living sober, she does get inebriated at Hugh DeAngelis' birthday party with Tony Blundetto that angers Christopher. Tony expressed his displeasure with Meadow for having any kind of relationship with him, starting a lengthy feud between Tony and Meadow which ultimately drove Noah and Meadow closer together. While married to Eugene and living in Seattle, one of their neighbors killed themselves over depression.

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She thought that her son Jason Parisi was not welcome and not invited to the Soprano household.

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She attended the funeral of her brother, Jackie Aprile Jr. Gabriella is the wife of longtime DiMeo crime family soldier and consigliere Silvio Dante. Melfi seems to indicate she is acquainted with the Cusamanos. Kevin was one of Salvatore and Angie Bonpensiero's children. Livia saw through Johnny's lie and lost the baby due to bleeding. Ralph tells Tony that he should have found a woman like his wife Carmela, instead of Tracee and if he had, maybe his life would be a little different. Robert Wegler had a relationship with Carmela Soprano while she was separated from her husband Tony.

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