True stories of girls watching boys piss

But, if one side's dark In this case, a shady outlook as twilight sets in, and the other is brightly lit, it's a perfect mirror. I just kept walking to my car, and a second later I heard her resume peeing. I looked up and saw her from behind. Seeing uncut guys piss, now that gave me a hard-on every time. I love it the most when he pees inside me.

Started out by licking her clean after she had peed the conventional way, on the toilet.

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I already knew my friend had to pee because she had said had said "fuck it" to the line as we were leaving since we figured we'd be home soon anyway. We're driving along and my roommate suddenly tells me to find a gas station pretty quick because he had to piss like a race horse. She was standing with her legs crossed, bent over at the waist far enough that I could see her light purple panties peeking out from under her short black skirt. I guess I just never really saw the point in pursuing a relationship where such a big part of the sexuality would be repressed. Finally, she regained enough control to settle herself onto the toilet, which snapped me from my trance as well.

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